Megan Doyle

A certified Viniyoga teacher and Yoga Therapist, Megan weaves a thorough education in Yoga and Ayurveda with her vast training and expertise in body and energy work. NPTI students benefit from her anatomical and physiological insight and her devoted engagement with the profound teachings of Yoga.

Those who know her discover quickly the sincerity and depth of Megan's commitment to Yoga. She's a faithful and diligent student of an authentic tradition, trained by wonderful teachers who inspire her to train others earnestly. Her transmission of these teachings is refined by a 20-year practice and personal exploration into Yoga philosophy, psychology and cosmology, as well as contemporary protocols of movement and healing. 

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This deep study enables her to convey her passion with enthusiasm and precision. She shares Yoga in full bloom. Her classes offer so much more than a study of Yoga poses. Instead, students learn safe and thoughtful movement guided by the rhythm and regulation of their breath. As their practices deepen, students are introduced to seated breathing practices, sensory and emotional control techniques, techniques for improved concentration and awareness and methods to incorporate the benefits of Yoga into daily life.   

In order that they can become trustworthy teachers, Megan's students become practitioners of these integrated practices with a learned discernment.  Complementary techniques of movement, breathing, mantra and meditation optimize students' physical, energetic, and spiritual well-being and guide them toward ease, awareness and connection. And, to the great relief of many, back pain, neck and shoulder tension and cumbersome behavioral patterns diminish. Once her students discover and comprehend how these practices have benefited them, they are well-prepared to share them with others.

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